World Scholar’s Cup

20 Jun 2018

Four teams (11 students) from the Melati class went to represent Bali Montessori School in the junior
division of the World Scholar’s Cup on Thursday, May 10th and Friday May 11th at Australia Independent School. This is the first year the World Scholars Cup has been hosted in Bali and it had 180 student participants from 10 to 18 years of age representing eight schools from Bali and Jakarta.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an international team academic competition which focuses on bringing students of different cultures together to study and discuss ideas and issues relevant to today’s society. The students of the Melati class, as an extension to their classroom learning, were given the choice to participate. For preparation, the WSC website provides an online curriculum that students from all over the world can access. Each year, the WSC focuses on a particular theme and this year’s theme was An Entangled World. The teams studied both independently and together, outside of class time, by researching and discussing the questions and guidelines presented for the subject areas: Social Studies, Literature, Science, History, Art and Music and a special area for the theme which was called Human Relationships.

The two day event involved team debates, a collaborative writing activity, an individual Scholar’s Challenge that involved questions from all subject areas, and a Scholar’s Bowl where teams answered questions collaboratively in an auditorium. It was a long and challenging two days but all of our students were enthusiastic for all the events, especially the debates, and eager to participate in future challenges.

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