“We loved the picnic!”

27 Sep 2016

Although a couple of the Extended Day children were absent, the rest of the Extended Day children of the Rose Class were all smiles from the moment they walked into the class room. Many asked me eagerly, “Is today the day of the picnic?” Excitement was in the air and a lot of conversations were going on throughout the morning about what each of them had brought.

The delicious spread consisted of spaghetti, fried rice, mee goreng, cheese pizza, chicken satay, BBQ sauce-glazed broccoli, carrots, and not to forget, yummy home-made cupcakes made especially for the occasion! We also provided fruit for the children to enjoy.

We were very fortunate and delighted to have Steven join us for the picnic. Thank you, Steven! Special thanks also go to the children, parents, nannies, housekeepers, drivers, and chefs for the mouth-watering food. Everyone played an important part. The picnic was a great success, best summed up by one child’s exclamation, “Can we have a picnic every day?”

Best wishes from Michelle

Rose Class

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