Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

29 Oct 2015

On the 29th of October in 2015 we, (Gaia Adams, Indigo Hearn and Sherrene Chua) went to the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. It was very educational and inspiring. We met many talented writers. We didn’t like the fact that most of the programs weren’t interactive; that you just sat there and listened to the authors talk. However, we appreciated the opportunity to listen to their stories without any interruptions. We also heard about other books that we might be interested to read. Our favorite program was a workshop that we went to on the last day called A Letter to Myself. It was a poetry workshop and the host was very honest and smart. We wrote a few poems and we also got to meet other people that were interested in poetry. Overall, it was a good experience and we are glad that we went.

The programs that we went to were:

  • The Simison Effect
  • The Writer’s Room
  • Why Write?
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Have Pen, Will Write
  • In Short Order
  • Men and Mountains
  • Galuh’s Account
  • Making It
  • Telling Tales
  • A Letter to Myself

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