Tree Adoption. By Jocelyn

03 Sep 2014

On Saturday, 23rd of August 2014, the Montessori Adolescent Programme adopted a tree. The tree we adopted happened to be a Neem tree. When we were walking in the monsoon forest, we passed one of these Neem trees before. Nono, our guide, told us that Neem trees are food for cleaning your teeth. When you suck the twig, it kills the bacteria in your mouth, though it doesn’t make your mouth smell good!

Everyone was very excited when we found out that we were adopting a tree. Everybody helped plant the tree. We helped put the Neem tree in the soil, bury its roots with dirt, and watered it. Overly watered it! We watered it too much because every student and teacher watered the tree.

We hope to see our adopted tree again in 60 years.





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