The Prepared Environment

16 Feb 2017

The recent move to our new school site prompted me to write this short article on the Montessori environment.  To count the number of years I have lived in Bali, this new move is my third one.  My first task on the first day of work in our new Montessori Bali site was to set up our Lower Primary classroom.  With just boxes of materials, shelves, tables and chairs, I had to lay out my environment and this made me look back and review Maria Montessori’s ‘Prepared Environment’.


What is the prepared/designed environment? It is one of the educators of the students. It is designed to welcome the students, encourage them to interact with the people and materials in the environment and help them develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. It provides opportunities for self-correction where children learn from their own mistakes and improve their judgment while doing the activities that interest them most.


For the Lower and Upper Primary, there is need to have a large open space for their growing bodies, for laying out materials, for class meetings, and group time.

This is what Montessori School Bali gives to our children.  Setting up the classroom environment is a labor of love. It is a peaceful environment where beauty, order and serenity is present.


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