The Melati spa experience

18 Dec 2018

Over the first term of this year, our Upper Primary students (Melati class) had many opportunities to learn various skills from parents and friends of the Montessori Bali community. These skills were put to excellent use during the Melati Spa, which was open to the greater Bali community during our recent Twilight Market.

We were inspired to open a spa to help raise funds for our school’s new playground by the workshops that Michelle Tanaja of Alaya Resorts and DaLa Spa presented to our class during first term. When we shared our idea with Michelle, she fully encouraged and supported our endeavour by offering more beautifully presented workshops on making a healing herbal tea, creating a home-made body scrub and giving a neck and shoulder massage.

Melati students enjoying a presentation at Alaya Resort.

Michelle and Jimmy also provided guidance on how to organise a business plan and they arranged a special outing for the students to Alaya, where the Melati students had the invaluable experience of learning about all levels of the hospitality industry. They also learned about the grace and courtesy skills that go with running a business and how to refine their services by observing the workshops they would present at the Melati Spa by a team of Alaya’s service experts.

The students had to implement many of their classroom lessons in developing their services, sourcing their materials, doing costing and creating all their marketing and promotional items. During the first term, Jim Henderson taught the students how to use Excel. These skills were put to good use when Jim returned to assist us in laying out their costs and potential profits on Excel spreadsheets, so that the service group’s financial spreadsheets would immediately absorb some of the advertising and promotional costs.

Preparing for the big event.

The Arianto family, who own SupaPrint, generously offered our marketing and advertising team an opportunity to tour their facilities in order to understand printing processes and to offer advice on how to market and advertise the Melati Spa. They also agreed to sponsor the entire spa event! To promote the event, the students also put to use the advice and tips they had learned during the first term from Marian Carroll, the head of marketing and advertising for the Four Seasons Resorts Bali, with her presentation on marketing and branding.

The Melati Spa welcoming committee.

The Melati Spa was a great success and the students are extremely proud of what they accomplished. This experience not only brought the students’ classroom lessons into meaningful practice and understanding, but also reinforced the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child!

By Susan Pierce, Upper Primary Guide

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