The Mangrove Forest and Hike. By Luca.

03 Sep 2014

On the last day, we went for a walk in a mangrove forest near our camp. A short way in Nono (the guide) showed us a type of seed that comes from one of the trees that grows close to the mangroves. The seed is about the size of a coin. It is grey and round. If you rub the seed against an object (we used wood and stone) and then touch it to your skin it either really hurts or it actually leaves a burn!

While we were walking in the mangroves next to the sea, when a huge monitor lizard leapt from the cliff, over Sierra, and landed in the water to her left. Then it swam away deeper into the mangroves.

At the end of the walk we reached an old dried up sea bed kind of area, we found a shady area where we could sit down. If you looked at your legs you could see a swarm of mosquitoes around them. We played a short game where we had to go and sit alone and make a dot in middle of our piece of paper and listen to the sounds around us then draw them onto the paper in the direction we heard them.











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