The Man Who Painted the Sky Blue. By Jyoti (Myth Writing Exercise)

03 Sep 2014

The Man Who Painted the Sky Blue

By Jyoti

A very long time ago, when people still lived in the dark and our night sky was what they saw every time they looked up, there lived an old painter who had lived alone for most of his life. The painter thought that the world was dull and had no colour. He thought the people were too lazy and had no spirit. He thought they needed to create something of their own — to be blind first in order to see themselves. One day he got out a can of blue paint and when everyone was asleep he started to paint and by morning he had the sky completely blue. When everyone woke up they were so confused as to how and why the sky had changed over night. They were scared. They were convinced it was a sign for bad things to come and the people went into chaos. The old painter was too far away to know any of this as he sat alone and watched the sky for a while.

After many months the people got used to it and weren’t so afraid anymore. But one day there was a huge hurricane and the paint started to pour and the sky was dark again. So the painter got out his can of paint and re-painted the sky blue, but something was wrong. When the sun started to go down the paint started to melt and it poured and poured and the sky was dark again. Every morning the painter got up early and re-painted the sky again and again and so it has carried on ever since. People started to wonder what the world was like outside and they started to make theories and questions until they created their very own space shuttle and took it outside where they saw themselves, for the very first time.


There was an old painter, who saw the people empty

And their world without color, it needed something plenty

So he coated some truth with a layer of paint

And the people went crazy, when they thought it was bait

He left them to wonder, and make up some lies

While he lay under such a beautiful night

The people, they stopped to worry so much

Until hurricane came and decided to touch

That truth under his layer of paint

But he had not but one complaint

As he re coated the sky, but something was wrong

As the blue went black and started to cry

So every morning, and ever since

He gave the sky a little rinse

The people started to wonder a lot

As they did know very little

So they flew through his thicket of paint

And landed on the moon

From the moon they saw themselves, so small and so connected

He held his thumb up at the blue

And knew how much more there was to wonder.

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