The Climbing Tree. By Olivia. (Myth Writing Exercise)

03 Sep 2014

The Climbing Tree

By Olivia Jones

There once was a boy, who lived with his family. He was 12 and selfish. He hated his life, and wanted a new one. He wanted to live alone. He never talked to his sister and never smiled. No one smiled or talked to him. There was one girl who always followed him though. He was so annoyed at her. One day in the forest, he finally told her to go away and never come back. She started saying words, but they weren’t words. The boy thought she was talking gibberish.

After, she planted a seed right next to them.

“What are you doing?” the boy asked.

With one lift of her arms, the seed grew to a tall, wide tree. The boy was shocked to death.

“What was that for?” the boy asked.

“Good luck!” the girl said as she tapped him on the shoulder.

She walked away, quietly saying, “Make him turn and make him pay, for all those things he did those days.”

He dropped on the floor and fainted. He woke up 3 days later, but all he saw was bush, bark and that big tree. He didn’t know what was going on, until he looked down. He saw no legs, but brown wood instead. He looked up and saw a long vine attached to that big tree. He was no longer a boy, but a plant, a vine if you will. He tried to say, “HELP,” but nothing came out. All he could do was stay there.

Three years passed, and he was still there, hoping and wondering if anyone was looking for him. It turned out that no one was. He heard something coming. It was his sister. She looked like she was hiking. He wanted to say, “You jerk! You never looked for me. You only care about your self you little…” But before he could finish, she took off her shoes and started to climb him. He wanted to scream out “GET OFF”, but then for the first time, he saw her smile.

“You guys” she said, “come check this out”.

Two of her friends came and climbed him, and smiled and laughed. For the first time he was laughing and smiling. He gave people something he never thought he could give, and that’s happiness. That is why, at least once a month or two or maybe a year, people who are tourists, students, teachers or even staff climb him to feel happy and excited, and so did the vine as well. He is known as “The Climbing Vine.” How should I know this, you ask? I gave that life to him.


The Climbing Vine – Poem

By Olivia Jones

There once was a boy of 12 and selfish

He never gave a smile

He always wanted to run away

Forever not a while

The once was a girl who had

Hair like a raven and says

“Make him turn and pay,

For all those things he did those days”

He woke up with bark on his body

And couldn’t move at all

He knew his life was ending

Cause it was only pain he saw

Time flew like the wind and the boy

Only felt agony and sorrow

His sister came and climbed his way

And never again felt hollow

“The Climbing Vine” is a friend of mine

An acquaintance as it shows

How is he this you ask?

I gave him the life you now know

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