Swimming. By Naemi.

03 Sep 2014

During camp, which was in Bali Barat National Park, Tallis took the class down to the ocean to go swimming for a short while. Carlota came with us; the whole class swam out far except for me because I was a little scared because I wouldn’t know what is under me, and how deep it was. When everyone was out they were all taking pictures of the view and themselves. Later on, I decided I wanted to go swim out so Carlota helped me and kind of gave me a piggyback ride.

When I was out swimming with everyone, we all took some photos of each other. We decided to make some nice underwater class photos, one of us took the photo, and when we were under water Tallis would go upside down and on the photo we would see his head by our feet. When we all came all back to shore, we sat on jetty for a while and took class photos on Kate’s underwater camera and also Alice’s. When we were finished taking pictures we all went back up the steps to the camp rooms.








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