Student Leadership through Service

15 Sep 2016

Through community service, students learn to be more responsible, compassionate and develop a sense of stewardship for the world and others around them. Although they are young, they can contribute to their community and by doing so they see that they can make a difference in the world. Community service is incorporated into all levels of the Montessori Program at Montessori Bali. In the Primary Years, students work with local organizations to protect the environment, help those less fortunate and to make the world a better place.

Community service can also be used to benefit and strengthen ties within our local school community. I am working with small groups of Upper Primary students to give back in different ways to their school and fellow students. Upper Primary students have been grouped into one of five groups which is then responsible for specific tasks. The five groups are Sports Equipment, Recycling and Compost, Technology, Animal Care and Grounds Upkeep. Below are descriptions of each of these groups and some of their responsibilities.

Sports Equipment: To take care of all sports equipment used by the school.

  • Making sure students know how to use equipment properly and know where to put it back when finished.
  • Pump up balls on regular basis.
  • Whole school sweep at recess to ensure all equipment is in proper place.
  • Make order for needed equipment.
  • Set up area where equipment will be stored.

Recycling and Compost: To manage the school’s recycling and composting program.


  • Teach students about how to use compost.
  • Make sure compost is composting properly – get lesson from Eco Bali.
  • Collect milk cartons when needed.
  • Make signs and give lessons when needed to ensure students are putting recycling in proper place.

Technology: These students would be responsible for all of school’s technological needs.


  • Set up projector, speakers, etc when needed.
  • Move piano keyboard into room for Arts Cafe when needed.
  • Make sure computers have regular updates.
  • Make signs on computer when needed.

Animal Welfare: Make sure that all animals are well cared for in the community.


  • Make sure that students clean rabbit cage on daily basis, may assist when needed.
  • Give rabbit bath once a term.
  • Clean turtle cage or organize others to do so on a regular basis.

Grounds Upkeep: To make sure that our outdoor environments are neat, well maintained and that the fruit grown on site is incorporated into our Cooking Program.


  • Work with Pak Komang and Pak Wayan to fix anything that is broken and possibly do some plantings.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Work with grounds committee at new site.
  • Manage the fruit trees on the school grounds.

Although the program is only a few weeks old, students have fully embraced these additional responsibilities. Already, they have contributed their own ideas of what needs to be done and are showing initiative in implementing these ideas. They are also learning necessary life skills such as creating proposals, negotiating, leadership skills and learning to work with others. This program is sure to benefit these students as well as improving our school community.

Hindi Iserhott
Resource Teacher

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