Spreading the Word About Montessori

20 Apr 2017

It was such a pleasure for me to be able to host the educational visit from Gorontalo State University that happened on Thursday 14th of April. These 13 student teachers and 4 lecturers were very interested in the Montessori education method and enthusiastically asked questions about how Montessori could be applied in the school where they will be teaching in the future.

The Montessori method is such a novelty for most Indonesians, including these student teachers. They had no idea there is such a school before they visited Montessori School Bali. Even though it was a short tour, it had given them a lot of inspiration, experiences and knowledge about a different type of teaching that could be useful for their future careers.

After visiting Preschool to Upper Primary, we had a discussion about how the Montessori approach related to the teaching methods and pedagogy that they had learned in the university. We discussed different philosophies of education and the relationship with the Montessori philosophy. We also had a great discussion about how the Montessori method framed other educational approaches such as: enquiry based learning, project-based learning, holistic learning, hands-on learning, etc.

We hope that, from sharing our school with visitors such as these, we can help spread the word in Bali about the value of a Montessori education.


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