Snorkeling and Menjangan Island Clean Up. Article and Photography by Alice.

02 Sep 2014

We arrived at Menjangan Island by boat and the first thing we did was a beach clean up. I found it fun and really good for the environment that we live in. As soon as we filled up our 5 sacks of rubbish, we put our snorkeling gear on and we were all ready to snorkel! As soon as we put our heads in the water, we could only see the foggy sand. After a while when we started swimming out, we started to see fish and as soon as we saw the fish — we could see the coral and it was amazing!


In the water, I swam with my “buddies.” My buddies were Gaia and Shakila, We swam next to each other for the whole time we were snorkeling. As soon as one of us would see something cool, we would squeeze the other persons hand and point at what we were looking at. I had my camera with me so I took some really awesome pictures.


Carlota showed us a Nemo fish, which was so cool! Carlota is a college graduate from Spain and she is volunteering with the Biosphere Foundation. She helped the local farmers and the farms while she was staying at SERC. After we saw the Nemo fish, we saw many blue starfish and many sea urchins. We saw some really big fish and some really small fish. We saw a Moray Eel which was kind of freaky — but at the same it was really cool. We started swimming back in because the tide was low.


We went out on the beach where we had lunch. For lunch we had Nasi Campur. After lunch, Sierra told us that we would go snorkeling in a different location and we were all so excited! We went back to our boats and got ready to go back into the water. Our location was still in Menjangan — it was sort of close to where we were snorkeling before. We hopped out of the boat and this time we didn’t walk out of the boat — we had to jump out into the water!


As soon as we were all in the water, Tallis told us to make a circle so he could take a picture of all of us. After the picture, we started to go where the coral reef was so we could do our snorkeling. This time we all were swimming quite close to each other and sometimes I had to look up to see were one of my buddies went but it turned out great. We all saw a really beautiful starfish and we saw another Nemo fish and its mom. I took so many pictures of everything.


After that second set of snorkeling, we went into our boat. I felt so sleepy that I just started to find a comfortable place to have a nap for a while so I slept on the garbage sacks. I put my towel over them so it would be more comfortable, and before I closed my eyes almost everyone was having a little nap.

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