Seussical Jr. – the musical

06 Oct 2016

Last week, the fourth years were invited to AIS, formerly known as the Australian International School, to watch their matinee performance of Seussical Jr. It is a musical based off of the Dr. Seuss Books, “Horton Hears a Who” and “Horton Hatches an Egg”.


The students were thrilled with the opportunity to watch this musical. They were all very impressed with the amount of time the students at AIS put into learning their lines and practicing the songs. They also were quite impressed with the costumes and scenery. I spoke with some of the 4th years to get their opinions.  Jaden felt that they picked a great musical to perform and he was impressed with how long it was. Kelana liked how much they prepared for the musical by memorizing lines and making the amazing costumes. “Five years ago, I saw the performance of Beauty and the Beast at AIS and remember having the same happy feeling while watching Seussical,” Kelana shared with me. “I also liked how they mixed lots of Seuss’s books together to make the performance.” Hugo thought that the play was interesting and funny. His favorite character was Horton. He liked him because he was protecting a little speck of dust because he could hear a voice. Hugo recalled, “That voice was his true friend because they had the same dreams. The other animals didn’t care about the speck and thought that Horton was a fool.” Isabelle enjoyed this part, “My favorite part was when they were making fun of Horton because I really liked that song.”  It turns out that former Montessori Bali student, Havana Johannson, was the wife of the Mayor of Whoville. She did an excellent job!


In addition to Horton watching out for the Who World, he also agrees to watch Daisy Mazy’s egg to give her a break. She takes advantage of Horton’s generosity and vacations in Palm Beach. “My favorite part was when Mayzie le Bird, the red bird, was being fanned by the Cat in the Hat and having a drink in Palm Beach,” recounts Tashina. Faithful Horton keeps the egg warm even when taken away to a circus. His one loyal friend, Gertrude, tracks him down and brings him back the clover with the Whos on it. When they get back to the jungle, the other animals decide that Horton should be put on trial. In the middle of Horton’s trial, the egg begins to hatch. The end of the musical turned out to be several of the students’ favorite part. Raine was one of these students, “It was funny because it wasn’t a bird that hatched from the egg; it was an elephant bird.”

I too was impressed with quality of the performance and enjoyed watching our students’s reactions to it as much as I enjoyed the play itself. Thank you to AIS for the opportunity.

Hindi Iserhott

Resource Teacher



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