School-wide Composting

26 Jan 2016

In partnership with EcoBali, Montessori Bali has begun to compost food waste. Several students from the Adolescent and Upper Primary Communities are leading this initiative. These students worked with staff from EcoBali to install three composting bins that were made out of recycled milk and juice cartons. The students helped the EcoBali staff dig a shallow hole and place a screen under each bin to make them rodent-proof. After that, red worms were added along with some good soil. Our students enjoyed adding the worms and learned that the worms are the main reason that the food waste turns into soil. After the bins were installed, the staff went over the process of putting food waste into the bins and then adding the essential layers of straw and soil.



The compost team then met separately to develop a system for collecting and maintaining the bins to ensure that we would have great compost. The students from the Upper Primary created a presentation to share this system with their class during our regular class meeting and worked with the Lower Primary Guides to find a time to present to their classes. Now all of the classes at the SD campus are participating in the compost program and it is only a matter of time before we have our first batch of compost.

checking compost bins

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