Project Protect

14 Apr 2015

When people first learn of a needless tragedy, many think, “Someone ought to do something about that”, but few people take action like Yosef Mayrhofer and Chris Sperduto to make the change themselves. After becoming aware that there are approximately 5 traffic deaths per day in Bali, Yosef Mayrhofer started Project Protect with a mandate to ensure that every child in Asian has a scooter helmet. He started the project in Bali and was soon joined by Chris Sperduto who expanded the program to reach more children. In a recent 10 day period Chris’ team delivered safety presentations to 5 schools and gave away helmets to 315 students.

Chris believes that that through education, encouragement and enforcement, Project Protect can increase helmet use and dramatically decrease the number of child fatalities due to head trauma. In an attempt to add value to the programme, tooth brushes are distributed with each helmet to emphasise the message that simple habits lead to sustained health. Helmets are given free of charge to children during school presentations and the Rp50,000 cost of manufacture is covered by donations and sponsors such as Montessori Bali.


For the next step, Chris hopes to spread his passion to the many Rotary Club chapters around the island so they too can experience the joy of contributing to the health and safety of the children in their district. Through their vision and conviction, Yosef and Chris remind us that anyone can be a “someone” that makes a difference.

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