Preschool Kite Flying Tradition

10 Nov 2016

Every year, at the Montessori Bali Preschool, we are all grateful for the kite flying season starting on our beautiful island and for being part of it. Every July and August, you can see the sky adorned with bright and big creations.

Like almost every aspect of the Balinese culture, kites have a spiritual side. Balinese Hindus believe that, when the Indian God Indra enjoyed leisure time, he amused himself with kite flying and taught young cattle herders how to fly them! Today, the most beautiful kites are built as a Banjar tradition and the designs are passed down from one generation to the next. They are symbols of both every Banjar’s pride and villages’ unity. The kites are built and flown by almost all members of the village. The creation of each huge kite is so complex and has so many steps that everyone is involved as kite builders, transportation specialists, launching engineers and cheerleaders.

In our school, our Balinese expert is our Gamelan teacher, Pak Nyoman Arya. Since the larger the kite, the more wind that can hold it up and thus, the higher it can go, Pak Arya helps our Extended Day students building a huge kite every year. We are proud to say that we have now quite a beautiful collection.

cimg2059 cimg2080

cimg2093 cimg2113 cimg2118

This year, our brand new kite built by our students is black and white. The combination of those two very important colours of the Balinese culture are called Poleng or Rwa Bhineda, a Balinese view of the mutual dualism that make up the whole world. In other words, it is about two opposite things that depend on each other to exist, such as day and night, low and high, dry and rainy season, bitter and sweet, black and white, etc. This ‘Rwa Bhineda’ philosophy is quite similar with the ‘Yin-Yang’ philosophy.

cimg2315 cimg2319

Once our beautiful kite was built, a few very helpful parents joined us at Pura Petitenget Beach to launch it, together with our red and white kite from last year. Right away, a gust of wind launched both kites into the air. Hearing our students’ squeals of delight and seeing how excited they were, that their creation was now flying, was a wonderful moment.

cimg2323 cimg2356

Thank you Pak Nyoman Arya for your dedication to our school, and thank you, dear parents, for being part of our Kite Team.


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