Preschool and the Development of the Child

02 Nov 2015

The Montessori Method “reveals the small child as a lover of intellectual work that is spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.” It is a holistic, integrated view of intelligence that considers the hand as the instrument of intelligence. Growth comes, not merely from intellectual understanding, but from engaging in activities.

In the preschool environment, this truth is played out every day. Meaningful work, ranging from practical life, creative painting and sensorial activities to math and language exercises, gives children great joy while they develop fine and gross motor skills, concentration and their intellectual abilities. Children are challenged each day in order to expand their ability to work on their own, as well as collaboratively, to complete their work activities. They are also given opportunities to resolve conflicts independently. These experiences are vital for children at this stage of development.

Children in the preschool class develop themselves through their work and the repetition of this work consolidates their learning. They are given as much independence as possible to do things on their own, which helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are a great range of materials in the classroom that the children can choose to work with. The pictures below show children challenging themselves to walk on a line while dressed in traditional Balinese attire as part of a cultural lesson and constructing a maze with the Red Rods.


Creative art activities were also introduced in Term 1. The children are fully engaged and as a result, experience great joy and a sense of peace. The use of a range of colours in different mediums makes the art activity fun and interesting.

Children in the Rose class continue to engage in meaningful work while developing their ability to contribute to their community. Let us work together to help the children be the best they can be.

Best wishes from Michelle

Rose Class






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