Parent Information Night

06 Oct 2015

On October 1st, we held a Parent Information Night that focused on the topic: ‘Outcomes of a Montessori Education’. There was a brief introduction to the topic that asked, from a parent’s point of view, “Have we made the right decision in choosing a Montessori education for our children?” We then asked the parents to do some work! Parents brainstormed what they felt was important in terms of academic skills, social skills and personal characteristics. They reported back to the whole audience before regrouping to prioritise their top three skills and characteristics (please see below). You will notice quite a bit of overlap between social skills and personal characteristics! From here, our teachers responded, giving examples of how we meet these skills/characteristics in Preschool through and Primary Community classrooms.



  1. Basic skills : calculate, read, write, problem solving, creative
  2. Self-direction of learning
  3. Thinking outside of the box


  1. Confidence / self-belief / self-worth
  2. Social awareness
  3. Empathy


  1. Self-confident / self-love (emotional intelligence)
  2. Creativity/divergent thinking
  3. Empathy/social awareness

Thank you to all of the staff for their contributions to the evening. But most of all, thank you to the many parents who were able to make it to the event. It was wonderful to receive such positive feedback from many parents at the end of the evening.

To view the full list of parent generated skills and characteristics in Microsoft Word, click Parent Education Evening.

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