Why Montessori Bali

“Our son just loves to go to school.” “Since we enrolled our daughter in Montessori Bali she is excited about learning.”

These are the kind of statements we regularly hear from the parents whose children attend Bali Montessori. This is not because their children’s days are simply filled with play. On the contrary, their children are deeply engaged in purposeful activities where they repeatedly experience the joy of discovery. Imagine what you felt as a toddler when you stood for the first time. That is the feeling we strive to link to all learning.

Each child`s unique personality is nurtured first, followed by their socialisation and academic development because their secure understanding of who they are lays the fertile groundwork for confident academic growth. In a traditional educational system, students are motivated to learn by the desire for self-esteem that is received through external rewards such as praise, gold stars and high marks. This external reward system teaches that self-esteem is found outside oneself in the evaluations of others. Montessori education does not use any external reward system. The students’ desire to satisfy their own personal curiosity motivates them to learn. They evaluate their own work and learn that the source of self-esteem is centred within the peace and joy that comes from knowing they have done their best. To evaluate student progress, a unique system called the Three-Period-Lesson is used to introduce new concepts, prompt for recognition and question to confirm authentic evidence of learning. Continual monitoring of students allows Montessori trained guides to know when to redirect individual students to areas where they can repeat a lesson or work with classmates that are familiar with the concept.

Montessori Bali opened in 1998 with 14 preschool children and grew to fill multiple classrooms in two beautiful, secure locations with students from 3 to 12 years of age. In order to keep pace with demand, Montessori Bali has moved into a large, world-class campus that has been specifically designed to support the Montessori Philosophy of education. Each professional educator at Montessori Bali holds a university degree and is trained and certified to implement an authentic Montessori programme.

The one constant in our world is change. Without knowing what kind of challenges and opportunities our students may experience as young adults, we equip our students for the future by focusing on developing the character traits of adaptability, resilience and a confident love of learning.