Principal’s Message

Welcome to Montessori School Bali, a hidden oasis in the hustle and bustle of Berawa. Walk in the gates and you will experience a sense of tranquility that is not obvious from the street. This sense of calm and peace extends into our classrooms where children of all ages go about their day with dignity and purpose, making choices about what is right for them, and getting on with their learning.

The Montessori system of education is universal and works just as amazingly here in Bali as in France, Australia, Canada, Thailand and China. The children here seem to run into school in the morning with beaming smiles, greeting everyone they pass with a pleasant ‘selamat pagi, or ‘good morning’ and a polite shake of the hand.

As they grow you see the growth in confidence that this simple act engenders, from the young one who doesn’t yet want to and walks past quietly, to the 12 year old who makes direct eye contact and gives a firm handshake as they say hello. This growth in confidence can be seen in other ways as children move through the school as well, for instance when  they stand up in front of an audience to present research, sing, play or recite..

At Bali Montessori School your children will have the opportunity to develop in a way that makes the most of their strengths.  They will have broad, uninterrupted expanses of time in which to immerse themselves deeply into work that is intensely interesting to them. The chance to do this is precious and creates a sense of contentment and joy that is wonderful to see.

I invite you to come visit our beautiful Campus, spend time in our classrooms observing how they work and see for yourself how Montessori could nurture your child.


Jan Gaffney