Preschool (3-6 years)

Prior to the age of six, children acquire certain knowledge and abilities more readily than at any other time in their lives. Their curiosity draws them to concrete objects that they can touch, move and manipulate while their ability to concentrate and repeat an action helps them to master new skills. These early years are further characterised by periods of heightened sensitivity for specific kinds of learning. Understanding that is obtained during this fertile time, positively impacts a child’s command of subjects later in life as well as their attitude toward themselves, the world and learning.

The 3-6 year old children of the Montessori Bali Preschool remain in the same multi-age classroom over the course of their 3-year cycle. Unrestricted interaction between all age groups in the classroom nurtures the natural social bonds that develop in this familial setting of mutual caring and respect. To support good social behavior, lessons in Grace and Courtesy model appropriate social responses. Younger children absorb the modeling behaviors of older students and preview upcoming activities while the older children build leadership skills, confidence and independence as they share their skills and assist those younger.

The Montessori Bali classroom is carefully designed to use the child’s natural inclinations of independence, movement, and exploration to teach physical, academic and life skills. Children are free to use any material to which they have been introduced and commonly return to the same exercise until the inner need that initially drew them there is satisfied. Montessori trained guides carefully observe each child’s progress and will introduce new materials when a child’s heightened interest and ability align to provide the optimal conditions for easy learning. In this way, the joy of discovery and accomplishment help to embed understanding while the child develops concentration, self-direction and a lifelong love of learning.

A unique component of the Montessori Bali preschool is the additional outdoor classroom that maintains children’s engagement with the natural environment while augmenting lessons in each area of the curriculum from art to math. Whether it is a Botany scavenger hunt to find specific plants or a science lesson covering magnetism where children fish for metals in sand, a Montessori trained guide is always within the garden’s prepared environment to support the children’s learning experiences and safety.

At the end of the three years in the Montessori Bali preschool, children will commonly be familiar with reading, writing ,basic mathematics, geography, botany, zoology, music and art. The Montessori Bali preschool programme balances the children’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development, enabling them to advance into the primary classroom with both confidence and competence.