Open House and Term Three

26 Jan 2015

Open House

On December 1 the Adolescents invited 6th year students and families from the school to an Open House and presentation of the Montessori Bali Adolescent Programme. Each student had an area of concentration and prepared a table and was available to answer the public’s questions about the work done at the Adolescent level.

Gardening — by Indigo and Gaia

When we came back from our semester break, the garden had changed dramatically. It needed to be cut back and fixed up. Luckily, our new math and science teacher, Kartika, has lots of experience with gardening. We transformed it and added some new items. We continued with Gardener of the Week, rewarding the student who we think worked the hardest on the garden, a cupcake. Now the garden has never looked better! The plants that are currently growing and soon will be ready for harvest are tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, long beans, and wild spinach along with various cabbages, turmeric, cabe, ginger and potatoes.


We have begun our study of China from 1000 BCE – 500 CE.  Students reviewed the fundamental needs of human being and the human tendencies as a reminder of the focus of the human story. Map reading, geography, map making, readings, discussions, novel study, timeline creation, individual research and current issues of China keep the adolescent engaged and learning about this classical culture in history. In the afternoons during Language Workshop, students have the opportunity to delve deep into their literacy skills with lessons on vocabulary, spelling, and writing. They work and refine their China humanities work independently and with guidance as needed.





Group 1 – by Gaia
Since the beginning of the third term, our new teacher (Kartika) has been giving us math lessons. She has taught us a lot already! We have been learning about algebra starting with algebraic equations. Students in the group have been working on graphs, drawing them, and creating our own. This term math has been really fun!
Group 2 – by Sherenne
This term in Group 2 math, we are working on advanced algebra and we are starting to work on coordinate geometry. We worked on all types of equations such as:
          -equations with pro numerals on both sides
          -equations with grouping symbols
          -quadratic equations
          -word problems (equations)
We also started learning coordinate geometry and how to plot a line and how to make a graph from an equation. We are also having daily homework (except on weekends). We have homework based on what we have already learned, to practice. We learn about math because it will be useful in life.

Micro-economy by Naemi

Since the beginning of the term, Sherrene and I (and the rest of the class) have been coming up with ideas for fundraising and our micro-economy. Some of those ideas we and the class are working on right now at school. We are making hand made cards, decorative pencils, and also decorative binder clips. We work on it during the week during designated times and on our own. We will have a sale of our goods at the end of the term.


On the first day of Bahasa we wrote about our holiday. We explained what we enjoyed about it and what we didn’t like about it. After that we read our stories out loud. Int he first week of Bahasa, we mostly worked with sentences. We learned the parts of a sentence, and about their functions and characteristics. We also did worksheets. In the worksheets we had to find the different parts of the sentence. On the second week we watched an Indonesian movie called Laskar Pelangi. While watching the movie we had to list down all the characters, the setting and we had to find the moral of the story. This week we are planning on having a discussion on the movie.

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