On not being “left behind”

30 Jan 2019

We want for our children to have the best that they can have. We want for them to be happy, safe, fed, loved and well cared for. We want to make sure our children are not ‘left behind’. Parents think about these things, and they worry about these things.

If, when we say ‘left behind’, we are talking about keeping up with quick-paced advances in technology, we need not worry if we are giving them the chance to develop their brains.

Montessori looks at developing the child as a complete individual.

When they are walking, running, climbing, jumping, building, tracing, polishing, washing—when they are free to move at will—their brains are developing. When their movements are directed and purposeful, rather than random, this gives focus and develops concentration, as well as independence.

We want our children to be academically sound. Keeping in mind that academic expectations will increase exponentially as they get older, focusing on the whole child will help them manage those expectations.

Purposeful movement is a feature of Montessori classrooms.

When you have your child in a Montessori prepared environment, you need not worry about them being left behind. Rather, rest assured that you are giving them an incredible chance at a well-rounded, all-encompassing education.

Think about it: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, two of the most successful leaders in the tech world, were definitely not left behind. They didn’t have the technological devices growing up that we have now. One wonders, weren’t they using their bodies and developing their brains?

The pressure we put on our children in the first 20 years of their lives is huge! Perhaps we can focus on developing the whole child: academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically. They will be the elders of the world one day, and the planet is depending on them.

By Sharon Rajan, Preschool Guide

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