Newsletter February 27, 2015

27 Feb 2015


By Shakila

During this term in humanities, we have been studying China. In order to understand China and its history, we created timelines. There were four different groups, each doing a different era in China. Indigo and Jocelyn made a timeline of The Ancient Dynasties. Luca and Gaia did one of The Imperial Era. Shakila, Sheriff, and Alice did The Emergence of Modern China and Republican China. We had around 2 and a half weeks to complete our timelines. Each group researched about their period of time and found important dates and events. We wrote a paragraph for each of the events. Each group had a first draft copy of their timeline. We each had to decide on a scale for representing the number of years. We also had pictures of each event, these pictures were hand drawn or traced. After we finished our pictures and paragraphs, they needed to be pasted on background paper. After all the pictures and paragraphs were finished, we then started pasting things on our final draft. Once we were all finished, we presented our timelines.




by Indigo

For grade seven math, we have recently been focusing on area, perimeter, volume (prisms), capacity and angles. Every day we have homework usually consisting of 15-25 questions, so not a lot of pressure. Kartika has been an excellent teacher, helping us in what we are struggling with. She explains things very well. We are still doing two-minute math, taking it in turns with multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. We have improved a lot! Some of us are absent quite a lot, but Kartika makes sure that person gets the work done that they miss. We enjoy math and will continue to do more…

by Jocelyn

This term, we learned the topics measurement, equations, coordinate geometry and now we are learning about circles and cylinders. On the topic of measurement, we learn how to calculate the perimeter and area of different shapes, how to find out the volume of prisms and how to measure (add and subtract) time. What we learned on the topic of equations was how to find the value of the variable. In coordinate geometry, we learned how to plot straight and non-linear graphs. What we have learned so far on the topic circles and cylinders is the parts of a circle and how to find the circumference of a circle. This term we also have a new teacher named Kartika who is teaching us math and science. She is a great teacher.



Microeconomy: Product and Sales

by Gaia

On Friday, February 13, 2015, the Adolescent Community had our first sale. We sold cards, washi taped pencils and washi taped binder clips. In total, we made 1,496,000 Rupiah. We are raising money to help develop our business. We have been preparing for the sale since the start of the third term. We will let everyone know when the next sale will be.



Creative Expression: Cooking

by Alice

The cooking group includes Naemi, Indigo, Jocelyn, and me (Alice). We take turns making savory and sweet food. In the past weeks, we make dumplings, cupcakes, pasta carbonara, lemon loaf, cucumber salad (we used the cucumbers that we grew in our garden), and bihun goreng. Next week we are planning on making something sweet and delicious! Cooking is a creative expression. We cook on Mondays from 2:15 to 3:15. As soon as we finish cooking or baking, we start cleaning up and then once everything is clean and tidy, we share what we have made with everyone and eat at 3:00 so that by 3:15 we are ready to do our jobs and go home.




by Luca

This term so far, the garden has been going great. We have done a lot of stuff like planting, weeding, and we also trimmed the plants on the fence so we could grow cucumber onto it.

When we first got back from the Christmas break, the garden looked nothing like it did when we last saw it before the holiday. It was completely overgrown and full of weeds. Soon after we got to work cleaning it up and after that, planted a few more plants like chili, tomato, turmeric and ginger.

A couple weeks in to the term, we discovered our first cucumbers had grown and they were very fat. Later that week, the cooking group made a cucumber salad with them and it was very tasty. We also found that the potatoes we had been growing had all been eaten by grubs.


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