Newsletter 3: October 3, 2014

03 Oct 2014


Our Humanities study of Peace Education will continue for two weeks after break with research essays and peace projects. Language arts, seminar, and current issues continue and are linked to our studies in humanities.

Students have been examining conflict and peace as it effects them, their neighbors, countries and the world. With background readings on the evolution of rules and methods of war, graph work and a timeline of the evolution of weapons and skits examining conflict, students have been writing and reflecting on the causes of war, seeds of conflict and evolution of humanity. Seminars, novels, discussion, creative writing, music and documentaries all build toward students’ individual mission statement for peace, research on a nobel peace prize winner and their own peace project.




In math each group has been exploring some really applicable and tangible topics allowing for lots of opportunity to relate the material covered to real life situations.   In the groups we’ve been discussing fractions, ratios, percentages and applying previous knowledge of percentages to income, income tax and other tax situations.

During our Friday seminars we’ve taken the time to apply our math skills to relate to what we’ve been learning in other areas of study.  We’ve applied graphing skills on both paper and in Microsoft Excel to analyze rates of change in weapon development throughout human history, we’ve studied the evolution and history of numbers, we’ve applied our understanding of fractions to doubling, tripling, halving recipe quantities and evaluated profit percentages during an in class market research activity.





Students from Montessori Bali met up with the adolescent program from Hills Montessori from Adelaide, Australia. We combined classes to attend Taman Nusa – a “village” of Indonesian history.





Students completed their documentary films and we had a film festival of their work. They have been working on sewing projects with Dhian and Mahmud and have completed their equestrian studies at Bali Equestrian Center. They have also written and recorded their own songs for vocal arts (we will miss you, Melanie!)


Jyoti and Shakila (our ninth years) have a month left to get ready for their trip to Zhengzhou, China to represent Montessori Bali at the Montessori Model United Nations Conference. They will be the delegates for Cambodia with a focus on the topic Food Security and Malnutrition. for more information about this 9th grade experience.




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