New Site Update: February 2016

16 Feb 2016

The steel structure is being erected a block at a time, starting with the Preschool, which is already halfway there. Approximately 70% of the steel for all other classrooms, from the Nido/Toddler to Upper Primary, is already onsite. Regular deliveries are scheduled for the remaining materials. Now that the bulk of the steel has been delivered, more workers will be joining the project to speed up the installation.

Delivery of the roofing materials will start early March.

The retaining wall on the northern boundary has been completed down to the end of the neighbour’s driveway.

Retaining Wall

Work on the terraces, stairs, and ramp for the administration building has begun.

Site drainage and the levels of the river at the end of the property is being monitored over the rainy season and checked against drainage and elevation plans to avoid possible surprises down track.

3 Preschool Classes

There is a major site meeting next week, at which the project timeline will be reviewed against current work and delivery schedules. All efforts are focused on getting the project done by the end of the current year. There’s a lot to do, however the commitment is there. It’s great to see the shape of the structure finally starting to take place.

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