Mt. Batur Hiking Trip

01 Jun 2017

The Upper Primary students went on their annual camping trip this past week. This year, they hiked to the summit of Mt. Batur and then camped overnight on the ridge of the caldera. The hike took about 2 hours and the trail went through forests, steep rocky slopes and tall grassy switchbacks. There were places where the going was tough and students were challenged to keep climbing. At times we had incredible views of the valley, villages and lake below. At one point we were so high we were hiking in the clouds. The students thoroughly enjoyed trying to touch a cloud and attempting to figure out which “sphere” we were now in. The answer was the Troposphere.
Finally, we made it to the summit and organized ourselves into tent groups. Several students expressed how proud they were of themselves for making it to the top. The students took some time to settle into their tents and relax before dinner. Dinner was cooked and served in a simple building with a large window and benches along the wall. Dinner was cap cay, chicken and rice and hot chocolate to drink.
After dinner, the tour guides built a large fire. While they were building the fire, we sat around in the dark and told scary stories. Once the fire was built, we moved over there to warm ourselves by the fire. We roasted marshmallows and sang songs. After that the students went back to their tents for the night.
In the morning, most students were up long before the sunrise. The tour guides brought around hot chocolate and built another fire for us to sit around waiting for the sunrise. The sunrise was spectacular and so was the view from the summit, we could see all the way to the ocean and could even see Mt. Rinjani. After the sunrise, we had banana pancakes for breakfast and then packed up our things and got ready for the hike down.
The hike down went much faster than the hike up though it was a bit more dangerous​. The ​students were very good about taking their time going down the steep mountain trail. Again, the students were helpful and encouraging to one another, often stopping to see if they could help out their peers. One highlight on the way down was stopping off to see a tribe of monkeys. The tour guides were excellent and made the trip more comfortable and fun. Although some of them have hiked Mt. Batur thousands of times, this was their first time trekking with a group of students.
​I asked a few students what they thought about the trip. Isabelle Fang said, “Sleeping at night was hard because it was really windy. Climbing the mountain was difficult because I kept slipping on rocks but overall it was exciting, challenging and fun.” Kelana Humphrey replied, “It was really awesome even though going down was scary when I tripped. The camping part was really fun. I liked talking in the tent, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.”​

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