Montessori Seminar for Caregivers and Drivers

13 Sep 2017

On Thursday, 7th September 2017, we held a seminar on “Montessori Seminar for Caregivers and Drivers”. It was held in the Flamboyant Classroom at Montessori School Bali.

More than 20 caregivers and drivers attended the seminar, one of the annual events of the school. It was a great opportunity for the caregivers and drivers to learn more about what the school does and how the school can help them in their work with the children they care for.


Sinta spoke on “Independence and Grace and Courtesy”;  Lina spoke about “Nutrition, Health, and Hygiene”; Ayu spoke on “Punctuality”; and Dhian spoke about “Safety”. The Seminar ran smoothly and effectively.

At the end of the session, the caregivers and drivers enjoyed chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and healthy fruits which were prepared by the upper primary students. The students did not only bake and prepare the snacks, but also created a beautiful card to express gratitude to their caregivers and drivers for all they do for them.

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