Montessori Bali Represented at ANZAC Day Service

26 Apr 2017

Recently, our school was invited to send two students, a New Zealander and an Australian, to represent the school at the Australian Consulate’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service. This was held on Tuesday April 25th.

This is a special day for Australia and New Zealand, not to glorify war, and not just to remember those who fought at Gallipoli during World War I, but to remember all those people who have made a sacrifice in all conflicts.

Please find below what James and Lyla thought of the Dawn Service.

Lyla (Australia): I had to wake up really early (about 4:00am) to be at the Consulate at 5. It was unusual to wake up so early and it was still very dark. When I arrived, I felt a bit nervous, especially when I was walking through the security area. Once inside I met Belinda Adams, who was there to show us what to do. I chose to give out the Rosemary (which is a symbol for remembrance). My other official duty was to carry a wreath to be laid in front of the ‘Lest We Forget’ memorial.  I found the playing of The Last Post on the trumpet very interesting.

James (New Zealand): My official duty was to hand out candles to all the people who came and sat down at the service. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. I thought the minute’s silence, to remember the people that died in war, was sad. When the service was over we were all invited to have some breakfast – bacon & egg burgers.

The Australian Consul-General, Dr Helena Studdert, thanked our school for participating and Lyla and James in particular for the admirable job done with their official duties.

Lyla, James and Steven

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