Montessori Bali Features at Indonesian Conference

20 Apr 2017

The 4th Indonesian Montessori Conference – Our Outdoor Programme

Every year, the Association of Indonesian Montessori Organisation (OMI) organizes their annual Montessori conference for Montessori practitioners in Indonesia.  This year, they held the 4th Indonesian Montessori Conference in Sanata Dharma University of Jogjakarta, with the title, “The Montessori Method”.  Key speakers at this event were Paul Epstein PhD, Ann Epstein, PhD and  Professor and Director of the Early Childhood – Middle Childhood program at the University of Wisconsin- America, and Professor Dr. Anita Lie, Ed.D, from Widya Mandala Catholic University Indonesia. The conference was attended by more than 200 enthusiastic Montessori practitioners and community members from all over Indonesia and Malaysia. The conference offered various topics of discussions in relation to the Montessori Method within the Early childhood and Primary level, which was very refreshing and inspiring.

This year’s conference was a special event for Montessori Bali School as the Outdoor Programme got an invitation to take part among the breakout sessions during the conference. Presenting one of the breakout session with the title of “Enjoying the Outdoors, Montessori Style!”, I had the honour to be the representative of our school and presented the Outdoor Programme highlighting the setup, the organisation within the Montessori setting, it’s link to all areas of growth and the benefits for the children’s overall development. The breakout presentation was very well received and had great feedback from the attendees. All of the photographs representing the children’s work successfully illustrated to the audience the beauty of the environment and the importance of including the outdoors as part of their daily learning experiences.

Some of the great comments in the end of the session from the breakout attendees were:

  • “The presentation really reminded us of the importance of including the outdoors as part of the education.”
  • “We never thought that the outdoor activities can be more than just for physical education.”
  • “Very inspiring for us to do more outdoor activity with our students.”
  • “A great presentation and a very useful reference to give ideas for outdoor activities ”

It was such a rewarding experience to be able to share the success of our school programme with other practitioners and inspire them to involve the outdoors as part of their daily practice.


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