Mini Sports Carnival – June 4

08 Jun 2017

On the 4th of June on Monday, the LP and the UP classes had a Mini Sports Carnival. Tashina thought that the sports carnival was very fun, but at first she felt a little nervous. The first game we played was running relay. Ryoma said that it was really fun because it was the first time we have ever done a running relay. The second game we played was a sack race. Mia and Ryoma didn’t really enjoy the sack race because it was an individual race, not a team race. The last game we played was tug-of-war. Koi thought it was fun but it also hurt his fingers!

By Isabelle



The sports carnival was really fun and everyone enjoyed themselves very much! There were four teams; Red, white, green and yellow. The team captains were: Koi, Zeru, Maha and Ryoma. The white team placed 4th with 33 point, the red team placed 3rd with 36 points, the yellow team placed 2nd with 43 points and Maha’s team, the green team, placed 1st with 53 points!

I interviewed Ryoma about the sports carnival: ‘I think it was really fun because we have never really done it before! And i really want to do it next term!’

Overall the UP and the LP enjoyed being on a team, working together and having good sportsmanship. Thank you to Pak Putu and all the teachers for organizing this, because we all had so much fun!

By Mia

The sports carnival was really enjoyable, especially the cross country run. For the cross country we had to run all around the whole soccer field then around the volleyball net and up the hills and back on the soccer field. The first graders had to go around 2 times. Diego was first out of all the 1st graders. Then the 2nd graders from both classes they had to go around 3 times. Placing first out of all the second graders was Taiga. The 3rd graders had to run around 4 times and first place was Archie. When the Upper Primary had their turn, we had to run 4 laps, a long way! Ryoma was the winner of this mini-marathon.

The Green team won overall but we all had a great time. Thank you to Pak Putu for organizing this and for making it such good fun.

By Cleo

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