Landscape Evolution for the New Campus

01 Jun 2017

Truly, the beauty of the new planting’s growth  is the promise that it brings. Classrooms and buildings that are placed perfectly on the landscape only require nature to complete the balance.


Conceptually, it’s sustainable, educational, nourishing, stimulating, and imaginative. It’s about nurturing in order to create a living environment where children engage directly with nature as they move through it.


With that in mind, we developed the tree plantings to foster a connection between nature and place. There are now a variety of exotic tropical fruiting trees and local food trees that belong to Bali life that will provide fresh fruit for the children.


Structural plantings are incorporated into the design, framing spaces that create awe inspiring, magical environments that stimulate imagination and play.


Tropical plants and flowers add vibrant, persistent colour that unites areas between the buildings, defining spaces, and provides year round interest for all to see.


Creating a beautiful holistic place of learning that reflects and supports the passion of Montessori education has begun.

Cultivate Design.

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