Kadek’s Farm. By Sherrene Chua

03 Sep 2014

On Wednesday, August 20th, my class and I went to a local farm owned by a farmer named Pak Kadek. We arrived there by car and we were introduced to Pak Kadek. After that, Sierra separated everyone into pairs or groups of three and told us to do some weeding or some harvesting. Olivia, Jyoti, Jocelyn and I weeded the chickpeas that Pak Kadek planted. Some chickpea plants were doing well and some were not.


Sierra explained that people are starting to use a lot of pesticides instead of using natural stuff and the pesticides are damaging the coral reefs. She also said that she is getting some local farmers to help and try to plant different varieties of plants that can grow in the dry season.


When we were farming, Sierra also told us a lot about the plants. We learned that all plants need nitrogen and that the farmers were planting velvet beans to take nitrogen from the air to the soil (all beans can do this). We also found out that some companies are making money by selling seeds that cannot regrow.


I think this experience was really tiring and also pretty fun. We saw pigs and puppies and cows. I would like the Biosphere Foundation to continue to bring young people to the farm.







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