International Peace Day – 21 September

22 Sep 2016

The International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, has been celebrated around the world on 21 September every year since 1982. It some places, such as Afghanistan, warring groups have been known to agree to a cease-fire on this day. Because of the cease-fire, humanitarian aid groups can safely get food and medical supplies to people in these war-torn areas. Building a more peaceful world is an integral part of the Montessori Philosophy and when Shannon, a Visual Arts teacher from West Sand Lake Elementary School in New York contacted us, students at Montessori Bali were excited to participate in World Peace Day.


The children watching Shannon’s presentation.

Shannon came to our school on Friday, 16 September and shared a video about the origins and intentions behind the International Day of Peace and a video of students from her school sharing their ideas for a more peaceful world. She then introduced the students to a project called Pinwheels for Peace where students from all around the world decorate a pinwheel, write their intentions for peace on them and then display them in a public space.

On World Peace Day, the students of Montessori Bali had a wonderful time decorating their pinwheels with colorful designs and heartfelt messages. Once they were finished making their pinwheels, we walked up to the top of our gang and affixed them to the posts to spin their messages of peace to the world. The students’ messages are protected from the rain yet visible to the public. Students will be able to bring their pinwheels home with them on Friday at the end of the day. We will send in some of the pictures of the students and their pinwheels to the Pinwheels for Peace project and to the Peace One Day organization to show how we participated in this wonderful day.

photo-1 peace-day-3 peace-day-2

Pinwheels for Peace sending their messages out to the world!

Hindi Iserhott

Resource Teacher

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