Positive Relations

Bali Montessori seeks to maintain a climate of acceptance, understanding and respect for all members of its school community.

Nurturing positive social behavior is the foundation of Montessori education. We provide the environment, structure and tools for children to build lasting relationships, independently resolve conflicts and create a joyful, safe and productive learning experience. Our underlying practice of positive discipline models and supports good behaviour which guides children to choices that benefit themselves and their classroom community. This respectful and encouraging practice strengthens student-teacher relationships and nurtures children’s feelings of responsibility for their environment.

Harmony in the classroom is supported by the developed social skills of the children and the age sensitive direction supplied by the Montessori trained guide. At the preschool level, the prepared environment builds harmony further by attracting children’s interest and keeping them engaged in a wide variety of purposeful activities. With this structure in place, Montessori trained guides can easily redirect any disruptive behaviour toward a productive end by adjusting the work area, the number of children per area or the activities that are available. Specific lessons in Grace and Courtesy, such as, how to walk alongside a fellow student’s work mat without damaging their work, or how to make a request politely, teach respect for others, awareness of others and effective social etiquette.

Primary aged children are guided toward respectful and constructive choices through mini-conferences, reflective listening and questioning, agreements and hero based stories. Role-playing helps them understand the rules of the classroom while group discussions and classroom meetings reinforce the reasons behind the rules. As students advance in the class they are able to model successful interactions, mediate disputes using an accepted process and teach lessons to those younger, which increases motivation, social connection and self-esteem.