Leaders, like accomplished athletes, rise to the height of their ability through guidance and opportunity. Montessori Bali provides both the path and practices that develop the foundation leadership qualities of confidence, communication and creativity.


Confidence is the ability to choose a goal with the belief that you are able to achieve it.

Montessori Bali’s system promotes self confidence when students independently choose challenging activities, build a history of successes that they can look back upon and advance to greater challenges with ease. Starting in preschool, children are given the freedom to choose their own activities within the guiding framework of a prepared environment. Students can repeatedly work with the same material, without judgement or correction, until its lesson is understood; thereby learning that making a mistake does not prevent them from succeeding. This continued independence teaches children to stand up for what they believe and take responsibility for the consequences of their choices.


Effective communication, whether written, spoken or non-verbal changes the knowledge, behaviour or emotion of others.

Montessori Trained guides use exact terminology when describing objects and activities and emphasise the power of words. A strong focus is placed on expanding children’s vocabulary so they can accurately share their feelings and ideas. To further expand and hone their communication skills, children receive specific lessons in a range of functional areas. Drama exercises develop expressive communication. Presentation and debating practice promotes comfort with public speaking. Guidance in conflict resolution enables students to independently work out personal issues that arise. Our standardised mediation practice expands student’s independence as they become able to mediate issues between classmates. In these multi-age classrooms, students also learn how to mentor others, communicate the details of challenging lessons and facilitate meetings.


Creativity is the road to possibility.

Underlying the multiple avenues that satisfy curiosity, exercise imagination and encourage creative thinking at Montessori Bali is the unconventional amount of freedom that students enjoy. Rather than receiving instruction and assignments from a teacher, students may request, and receive, specific lessons in areas of their greatest interest, conduct research projects on subjects of their choice and use research and presentation styles that suit them best. Independent thinking and problem solving skills are further enhanced when students follow their own path to the lessons housed within the educational materials of the classroom. For project work, students are encouraged to include any creative element from dioramas to poetry that expresses academic knowledge of the subject. As students advance through each level of Montessori Bali, they enjoy an increasing number of expressive options from music, photography and cartooning to drama and for every remaining expressive desire, students can share any art form, performance or skill with their peers during the bi-weekly Arts Café.