Health & Well-Being

Providing every advantage for the children attending Montessori Bali is our constant focus. To further support our student’s physical and personal development, students participate in a two part physical education programme that develops self esteem, physical conditioning and increased social opportunity. All class levels follow a similar program, but instruction is custom tailored to the specific needs and capabilities of each age group. This helps to build community within the school and increase student confidence because they build on prior experience.

The first branch of the program provides yoga instruction that helps to increase personal focus, flexibility, balance and muscle tone. Students receive direction from qualified yoga instructors that adjust their practice accordingly to challenge students and fortify their growing bodies against injury.

In the second branch of the programme, children participate in a multi-sport and exercise programme where they develop sport specific skills and an appreciation for five different sports per term. The sports, which range from athletics, tennis and soccer to field hockey, cricket and netball, change on a biweekly basis to keep students engaged and provide the opportunity to develop the maximum number of skills. Certified coaches start by teaching proper warm-up, stretching and cooling down techniques to support student’s continued health. The scheduling of specific sports is aligned with other international schools to allow children with friends in other schools to share common activities.

Starting in the preschool, the focus of the activities is first on the development of spatial awareness, balance and hand-eye-foot coordination. As children gain skill, coordination, and confidence, drills transition into actual games where team building and sportsmanship in a non competitive environment is the goal.