Indonesian Independence Day

29 Aug 2016

In 1945, on Friday 17th of August, Soekarno, the former president of Indonesia, and Hatta the first vice president, proclaimed that after three hundred and fifty years of struggle, Indonesians needed their independence.

So from that day on they would celebrate the independence of Indonesia at the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta (Istana Merdeka).

Today, to respect this occasion, people raise the Indonesian flag and sell many red and white ornaments and flags several weeks before August 17.

Here at school on August 16, the PKN students gave a short speech to remind the students about what Independence Day means.

To celebrate this, we raised the Indonesian flag and sang the National Anthem. After that we did some fun competitions like eating krupuk from a string, playing the marble race and we even had a relay where we dressed in traditional Balinese costume. It was a really enjoyable time.

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia!

FullSizeRender (1)

Tashina and  Eleonora sharing information about Independence Day.

Indep Day 16

Roma in the traditional Balinese costume relay.

Indep Day 19

Having fun eating krupuk.

Indep Day 3

Singing the National Anthem.

Indep Day 1

Our Indonesian teachers in traditional costume looked wonderful and did a great job preparing for the day!

By Isabelle Fang

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