Indonesian Independence Day

31 Aug 2017

One of the annual events of Montessori School Bali is the Indonesian Independence Day Celebration.

This year was the the first time all grade levels celebrated it together on the new site.

Through this event, the students learned more about the history of Indonesia, the meaning of the 1945 proclamation for Indonesia, and how the Indonesian people celebrate Independence Day.


The event began with the Flag Raising Ceremony. Three students from the Upper Primary
Class were in charge of raising the flag while the other participants sung the Indonesian National
Anthem (Indonesia Raya).


After the  flag raising, Khaira, Ellery, and Amerie read the Pancasila (five
foundational philosophical theory of Indonesia) to the student body.


At the end of the ceremony, Tashina delivered a speech on the history of Indonesian Independence Day.


After the ceremony, students and teachers continued the celebration by playing some traditional Indonesian games. Children from both the Rose Class and Garden Class took part in a Flag Race with excitement. Leading the race is  Eadie with three out of four flags in the glass. What a fun start to the games!


The children partnered up with a friend to balance a tennis ball on the cloth between them and race to the finish line!


Milo tries walking on the coconut shells that were made especially for the games. He looks like he is enjoying the game thoroughly!


The game is won by reaching out to touch the flag!


The tug of war tests strength and combined determination.


Eating Kerupuk without your hands can be very challenging!


It was a beautiful and meaningful celebration. We could feel the excitement of the Independence Day celebration throughout the school. The students really enjoyed the games while they learned about teamwork and sportsmanship. We are now looking forward to the Independence Day celebration next year.

Happy Indonesian Independence Day.

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia.

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