Helmet giveaway to local preschool

02 Feb 2017

On November 16th, three students from the Upper Primary program volunteered to help Project Protect pass out helmets to preschool children at a local TK. Project Protect is a NGO dedicated to ensuring that all children in Bali wear helmets. The project not only gives away helmets to local preschool students but they focus on making wearing helmets a habit. Last year, the Adolescent Community chose to get involved with this organization and they raised enough money to buy 50 helmets. This year the Upper Primary students decided to get involved with Project Protect. The first item priority was to find a school to donate the helmets. We found a local school very near our new school site and we sent a date for the presentation and helmet giveaway.

Preparing for the presentation

Montessori students distributing the helmets

The founder of Project Protect, Helmet Man, asked for a few helpers from our school to assist him with the presentation. The three chosen students: Cleopatra, Brian and Isabelle, donned their costumes and became Helmet Kids. They were responsible for energizing the students and helping Helmet Man get the message across of always wearing your helmet! They also assisted in passing out the helmets and helping the students to put them on, as some of the students had never worn a helmet before. We stayed around until school let out and it was wonderful to see all of the students proudly wearing their helmets home.

Congratulations and thank you to Project Protect and the Montessori School Bali students for helping to make the children in our local community to be safe on the road!

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