Ganesha Cultural Center

23 May 2017

This week, the Lower Primary students visited the Ganesha Cultural Center at the Four Seasons in Jimbaran. Amid a background of beautifully landscaped gardens and an amazing view of the ocean, the students were introduced to several traditional Balinese Arts. When we arrived, we were greeted with cool towels to refresh ourselves and were told about the different stations. We divided the students into groups and they were able to spend time at each activity.

Wood Carving

Carvings are iconic features of Balinese homes and temples, depicting myths, scenes from daily life, and symbolic motifs. Intricate and highly developed, wood-carving requires unique skill using a knife, chisel, and mallet. The students were indeed given an opportunity to use a chisel and a mallet to contribute to a wood carving of a dolphin. In addition, the students were invited to sand several wooden sculptures that the artists were carving.​



These coloured woven baskets serve as storage boxes for various items, and are also used to carry offerings for daily prayers. The students learned how to weave strands of bamboo leaves together to create the pattern typically used for making sokasi boxes. In the end, they were each given a completed box to take home.


Balinese Dance

The eyes, the hands, the expressive movements; Balinese dance is an enthralling and important part of religious and artistic expression. This station showed the students several of the important aspects of Balinese dance. The students were then invited to try out these moves with traditional Balinese music playing in the background.


Ceramic Painting

This activity uses handmade ceramics as a base for painting classical Balinese scenes. The students were shown several examples of the intricate scenes that can be painted onto plates, cups and paper. They were then given the opportunity to create clay turtles using a mold and then to paint the dry turtles using ceramic paints.

Rice Cake Weaving and Canang Making

Weaving tipat is a skilled art-form It is passed down through family and friends and takes patience. Tipat is an offering made from rice cakes, and the Balinese use it for daily worship and ceremonies. Canang are everywhere in Bali, from temples and shrines to homes and even on the street or ground. These daily offerings thank the supreme God for blessings and protection from evil spirits. ​The students each made their own canang and then were invited to put it out as an offering. Some students even tried weaving tipat.


Gamelan Music
Gamelan is the traditional ensemble​ music of Java and Bal​i. The most common instruments used are metallophones​ played by mallets​, xylophones, bamboo flutes, a bowed instrument called a rebab, and​ a set of hand-played drums called kendhang which register the beat. The artists showed the students how to play the bamboo xylophones​.

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