Field Trip to Spa Factory Bali

14 Mar 2016

On Thursday, 24 March, the Upper Primary class was invited to tour Spa Factory Bali. Our visit included a tour of the factory with a brief explanation that outlined the responsibilities of each area and how they work together to ensure quality products. After the tour, the owner, Maria Sutiaputri, revealed more about the factory through a PowerPoint presentation. At the end of the presentation the students were given the opportunity to ask questions. Throughout the year, the students have been engaged in the environmental issues surrounding how palm oil is obtained in Indonesia. They quickly picked up on the fact that some of the products use oil and they wanted to know if any of the oil was palm oil. Maria was able to explain to them that she did use palm oil but that she made sure that the oil she used did not harm the environment. This gave the students first hand experience in the kinds of things you have to think of when running a business.
After the presentation, the students were divided into groups and each group was responsible for making a bath care product for the entire class. The three products the students made were bath salts, liquid soap and bar soap. All groups wore surgical masks, gloves and hairnets to ensure that the products were free of germs and foreign materials. The process of making each product required the students to following a recipe using balance beam scales, beakers and graduated cylinders. The expectation was that they would accurately measure out exactly what was needed. All of the students took the work seriously and in the end created wonderfully finished products.
Maria even created a Montessori Bali label for the products and each student left the factory with a care package and first hand knowledge of what goes into making the products that we use in our lives.

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