Field Trip to Kemenuh Butterfly Park

14 Nov 2016

As part of the study on the classification of animals in Zoology, Karina and Ari’s class went to the newly opened Kemunuh Butterfly Park in Gianyar last November 9.

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The park houses over 500 butterflies that flutter around with ease.  The children were able to observe, touch and study the butterflies closely.  Some even landed on their heads, arms and shoulders. The butterflies are the Papillo Peranthus, bright orange Common Cruiser, giant Alticus Atlas moth and some giant nocturnal ones.

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There is also a Pupa Station where the children can observe some cocoons.  The guides explained to the children the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Everyone got excited when a cocoon was shaking because it was time for the butterfly to come out.

The older children took time to list down and draw the scientific names of the butterflies abundant in the park.  The younger ones were able to look around and choose a butterfly they wanted to draw.   The children relaxed and had lunch at the mini warung at the park.  It was an enjoyable day for everyone!


Karina and Ari

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