Preschool: New Families Orientation & Morning Tea

03 Aug 2017

Montessori School Bali – Preschool Morning Tea

This information session at 10:00 a.m. is for parents of children joining our Preschool classes.  You will learn about Montessori’s philosophy, particularly about independence and freedom which eventually leads to self-discipline.  Children joining the programme for the first time have a staggered entry to ensure individualised attention as they come into the school. We hope that in our Montessori environment, your son or daughter will grow to become lifelong learners, confident, resourceful and respectful individuals.

First Day Transitions

Try to occasionally drive by the school, “This is your new school.  You will be coming here next week.”

If your child has never separated from you, you may want to set up a morning visit with a trusted friend or grandparent.  Ensure that these visits are enjoyable and predictable for your child.    As you leave, always say goodbye to your child and return promptly as promised.  Your child will learn that separations are for a limited time and always end happily.

Set up a morning routine that gives your child enough time to get dressed and have breakfast leisurely before coming to school.

For many children the moment of parting is the hardest part.  Avoid the build-up of tension by chatting about all the dull things you will be doing while he or she is at school; and about the nice lunch you will both be having when you pick him or her up after school.  You may want to talk about one or two of the exciting things he or she will be doing at school.

If your child is particularly anxious, don’t be afraid to talk about his or her tears or fears.  Acknowledge them and say that you both feel a bit sad to say goodbye and you will both try to be brave.

Don’t ask your child too many questions the first day of school.  Give your child a chance to nap, or relax a bit around the house.  Try to keep after school activities, such as swimming or dance lessons to a minimum during the first few weeks at school.