Parents are the major influence in their children’s lives. Our hope is to partner with each parent so that home and school environments can be aligned to enhance the child’s well-being and personal development. Our students additionally benefit when members of our parent community become active participants in our school, modelling generosity when they share their time. Examples of possible involvement can be found on the Getting Involved page.


Strong, supportive communities are built on sharing interests, goals and experiences. Our collective interest is focused on the happiness of our student community and the achievement of their goals. To strengthen our school community further, Montessori Bali hosts events throughout the year that showcase student achievements (science fair and musical performances), provide guidance for children’s development at home (Care-Giver Seminar) and bring families together to have fun (Family Fun Day).


Parent education is an essential component of our Montessori programme and is supported in a number of ways. Workshops at the beginning of the school year help new Montessori parents to get acquainted with the Montessori approach to education. Education workshops help parents understand what their children are doing in the classroom, while curriculum evenings explain how children learn specific subjects and what can be done to support their advancement at home. Some of these events are structured as “Back to School Nights” or “Guest Days” so children can act as “educators”, teaching parents or other family members the materials that they are mastering.


For parents interested in deepening their understanding of Montessori education, books can be borrowed from our parent library at any time.