Getting involved

One of the core tenets of Montessori education is community building. In the classroom, older children have the opportunity to act as mentors when they help younger students to understand challenging lessons. Social ties become stronger as students collaborate on projects and share their unique knowledge and skills with their classmates.

Montessori School Bali extends this theme of community building to family, friends and members of the society in which we live. We ask parents and interested members of our community to consider how they could help expand the knowledge and experiences of our students. We are grateful to all who have shared their time, experiences and expertise with our students. In the past, Sally Silverstone (CFO, Biosphere Foundation) was kind enough to come into the school and give an inspiring lecture on the Earth systems science research facility, Biosphere 2. Bill Bailey, who produced documentaries on the tropical biologist, Alfred Russell, visited the school to explain why he made the films and Steve Clack from Bent Marble Productions in New York City worked with the adolescent community so they could make their own documentaries.

Parents of our students often contribute by sharing their interesting talents, hobbies and careers with the children or by providing supplemental information and materials that support our current curriculum. Through this sharing, parents re-experience the wonder that children have for new things and see how a small amount of time can open up a child’s view of the world. Parents and members of the community that are interested in participating are welcome to contact the school at to make appropriate arrangements and review the guidelines for working in a Montessori environment.

Past Parent & Community Projects

Will Goldfarb (Chef)

Adolescent students participated in a master Class with Chef Will Goldfarb at Ku De ta. Will whose daughter attended the school willingly donated his time and expertise to the delight of all students.

Bill Bailey (Producer)

Bill Bailey, actor, musician and producer of “Bill Bailey: Jungle Hero” presented his two-part documentary on the life of Alfred Russel Wallace.

Sally Silverstone (Scientist)

Sally Silverstone shared her experiences of Biosphere 2 and explained her stewardship programmes around the world.