Community lessons in Melati class

05 Oct 2018

Over Term One, Melati class has had the benefit of many parents coming in to share their experiences and areas of expertise with us.

Archie’s mother, Marian Carroll, is Director of Public Relations & Communications at Four Seasons Resorts Bali. She provided us with a presentation on branding and marketing, where she discussed how companies develop their business and brand through the use of logos, promotions, advertisements and a strong social media presence, as well as the different types of jobs that go into advertising, such as script writing, videography and editing.

Fifien showing students how to create beautiful calligraphy.

Fifien Lasmana, Kirani’s mother, has developed her own calligraphy workshop, Fifien Writes. She took the time to teach our class how to use a calligraphy pen to form beautiful script.

Shaia’s father Ami Ganiel is a life-long student of martial arts. He provided us with an inspiring lesson on yin/yang science and survival skills, such creating knots with ropes for various purposes.

Shaia’s dad Ami at work with the Melati students.

Michelle Tanja, owner of Dala Spa and Rachel’s mother, along with one of the spa’s top specialists, Kadek, taught us how to create a relaxing and beautiful spa environment in the home. They demonstrated how to give a mini-pedicure and mini-facial, skills that will make perfect future gifts for family members (or that could be used to build a small enterprise with friends and family as guests).

Michelle shows a student how to treat their parents or friends at home!

Sam Brown, Will’s mother and a former journalist, is working with our students by providing instruction in news reporting skills that are then used to write and publish our classroom newsletter.

Through these presentations and demonstrations, students have been able to learn new skills from experts within the Montessori School Bali community. Along with the learning, they have had the added benefit of being exposed to a vast array of different experiences, opportunities and journeys that are available to them as they make their way through the world.

— By Susan Pierce

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