Closing Council – By Shakila

03 Sep 2014

On the last day of camp we had our closing council on a very beautiful beach. Before we had our dinner and council, we explored the tide pools. The beach was so beautiful; the waves were so far out and we were the only people at the beach. We walked out onto the tide pools. They were so sharp!! The first creatures we saw were the starfish. They were everywhere. It was cool but just the thought of starfish everywhere scares me. Most of us went barefoot including myself. In a way I regret going bare foot because there were so many weird looking creatures and the rocks were so sharp, it was really hard to walk on. Other than that, I had an amazing time with everyone. The sunset was so beautiful. The sky was a mixture of blue, pink, purple, orange and red. It was just so beautiful. I think that was one of the best sunsets I’ve even seen. We were all taking pictures and before the sun completely disappeared, we headed back to the beach and had dinner. We had Nasi Bungkus and we ate on a rock, but some of us sat on the sand.

For our last council, we were to pick out of a hat a name of our community member. We then had time to think about what we appreciate about that person. At the end five people ended up picking their own name. We first had a remembrance circle and we all shared our best and worst moments at camp. During our second circle we expressed our appreciation for the person we picked out of the hat. Our last circle was a circle where we all promised to help the earth, in a way that is realistic. To close the council we lay down on the sand and stared into the sky while singing a song. The stars were so bright and it was such a beautiful sight.

After our closing council we did one last thing. We were split into two groups and we went down to the jetty. Before we went to the beach we all made a boat out of banana leaves. We went one group at a time to the end of the jetty and at the end we lit our candles. We did this in complete silence. We then set free the boats and made a wish. We got to watch them float away for a little bit. It was such a beautiful sight and its not one you see every day. To me, it’s something I’ll remember for a long, long time.













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