Christmas Donations Benefits

22 Jan 2016

During the Christmas break, Wina, Lina and Sinta went to three different schools in Tabanan and Denpasar to deliver all the gifts which students and parents of Montessori School Bali donated for our annual Christmas donation project.

For many school children, Tuesday is just an ordinary day of the week, but the students at Play Group and TK Tri Dharma Budaya and TK Tri Dharma Karya Tabanan had an exceptional Tuesday on 29 December, 2015! They received dozens of bags of much needed school supplies delivered by Lina and Wina on behalf of Montessori Bali.

The excited students and teachers were very grateful for the generosity of the students of Montessori School Bali. “Thank you so much for giving school supplies for the class, we are so grateful,” said one of the teachers.

One of the students said, “I feel good because Sekolah Montessori gave us a lot of school supplies that we need for school.” The Head of the Batuaji Village also appreaciated the donation. “Thank you for helping our community. I really appreaciate it,” said I Gusti Putu Sukardiyasa,  the Head of Batuaji, Tabanan Village who welcomed and helped the distribution of the donation.


Sinta handed over the donations to the TK Sari Kumara in Denpasar City. This school has 2 small classrooms with 47 students manage by 4 teachers. The school is located in the Bale Banjar (the Banjar’s community building is in a street with lots of traffic) as they do not have their own building and only a very small space inside the building for the children to play. Playing in the street is impossible because of the heavy traffic.

The children and the teachers at all three schools were very excited and grateful to receive the donations. These donations will be very useful for the schools to improve the quality of their education (i.e. they usually have to share one glue stick/scissors among 5 students, now they each will have their own.)

The handing over of the donation was witnessed by the Chiefs of the Banjar and the head of their parents’ board to make sure that the donation will be used in a responsible way.

Once again, a big thank you to all of our students and families of Montessori Bali for your support and generosity to raise dozens of bags of school supplies to fund the donations. These donations are a great help to over 91 children within the three schools to have the supplies they need to start the school year off right.

Lina, Wina and Sinta

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